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About us



The Harvard Square Neighborhood Association brings together residents and others seeking to enhance the historic vitality and livability of our neighborhood. Together, we seek to protect and nurture the deep historic fabric and cultural vibrancy of Harvard Square and its adjacent neighborhoods. Together, we are the community of Harvard Square, building new friendships as we promote a vibrant future for this unique place.

  •  A thriving mix of largely locally-owned stores and restaurants

  • A diversity of public spaces enriched with greenery for people to meet

  • Key streets turned to pedestrian ways during day and early evening hours

  • Vibrancy to the  Square, a place people meet by removing  “dead zones”

  • Decreased footprint size for first floor banks and offices to enhance vibrancy

  • Important  historic buildings preserved with their early façade forms restored

  • Outstanding local examples of contemporary architectural design

  • Maintained appropriate building height and scale to maintain historic character

  • Enhanced neighborhood and community engagement fulfill the Square’s promise

  • Creative new programing featuring diverse cultural events